I am OCHO. Are you?

OCHO - part of House for Resilience - stands for "Organization of Chief Happiness Officers". OCHO is the community for all professionals driven to put a well-considered strategic welfare policy on the company's agenda.

About OCHO

Through the online OCHO Academy, webinars, offline breakfast and evening sessions, monthly vlogs and an networking events, we want to strengthen you in setting up a strategic welfare policy for your employees. A win situation for your employees, your organization, customers, society and of course for yourself!

Happy employees ensure more productivity and innovation in the workplace! More and more companies feel the need to focus on this. The Chief Happiness Officer is assigned this important task: navigating the organization on the basis of a strategic and integrated welfare policy. From House for Resilience, we have long felt the need of (HR) professionals and companies in general to have a sounding board with regard to well-being in the workplace. How do you get started? What are the possibilities? How do other companies do this? That's why we brought OCHO to life. OCHO (Organization for Chief Happiness Officers) is a network for everyone who wants to work for more well-being in the workplace. OCHO is the reference for all Chief Happiness Officers to put this mission higher and better on the agenda.

We are OCHO

Elke Van Hoof

Chief OCHO & Keynote Speaker

Leading lady in the field of wellbeing and stress, founder of the House for Resilience (Huis voor Veerkacht). Elke knows companies, teams and individuals. Autor of ‘The Chief Happiness Officer’ and training HR-professionals in this matter.

Ellen Loix

Research & Development, HR Analytics, Sales & CHO

Did you know?

Some interesting facts about OCHO

  • OCHO, 8 in Spanish... and that's how we pronounce it: 'otsjo'. Are you already OCHO? Sounds sexy, right?

  • OCHO, 3 chemical elements being O (oxygen), C (carbon) and H (hydrogen). The Chief Happiness Officer is the "creator" of better connections within a company in order to improve the company's chemistry. Could this be more applicable?!

  • More about our chemistry we’re building: on Mendeljev's table the 8th symbol is "O", oxygen. Providing oxygen to employees and companies is the main purpose of the Chief Happiness Officer!

  • Taking this scientific road here ... that is an important part of OCHO’s approach: sharing the scientific insights needed to set up a strategic welbeing policy.

  • Last but not least: rotating the number 8 to the "infinity" sign and by doing so refering to the constant cycle of wellbeing at work: investing in wellbeing at work creates happy employees. Happy employees are more agile, productive and customer focused. And productivity ensures better business results. Reinvesting this back into wellbeing ... you get the picture!

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OCHO, wellbeing catalyst at work!

  • Scientifically-based

    As part of House for Resilience, OCHO provides scientifically-based answers to all questions about wellbeing.

  • Innovative

    With the focus on developing a strategic welfare policy, based on the mission, vision, and values of your organization, the OCHO community is unique in Belgium and Europe.

  • Connecting

    Not only do you learn from us, the focus is mainly on learning from each other! Interaction is therefore key in the OCHO Community. How do other Chief Happiness Officers approach wellbeing in the workplace?